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Rotary switches

R1 Series

– Up to 6 30° steps

– Customizing cam

– Available shafts up to 26 mm

– Applications: fan heaters, small ovens, clean

Rotary switches

DS Series

– Up to 8 45° steps

– Customizing shaft

– Version with ring nut M12 available

Rotary switches

DH Series

Slide switches

P Series

– 5 position body available

– Room temperature up to 120 °C

– Double-pole

Slide switches

HUS Series

– The switch has to been approved on the appliances

– Designed for direct-current loads

– Applications: gardening tools with internal-combustion engine

Slide switches

LF Series

– 2/3/4 position body

– 750° GWIT compliant

– Single or double pole

– Applications: cooker hoods, hairdryers